Autumn Croome 

Hello everyone.  It's Douglas. I've got a new tag. Anyway, I've been to Croome park today with my Mom, Auntie Alice and my Nan. We had a really nice day!  This is me at Croome with Nanny. I am allowed to go everywhere at Croome park in Worcestershire and I'm even allowed off the lead... Continue Reading →

Boop….and adventures 

My hooman is called Mommy and she does this strange thing with my nose. Every so often when I am lying down or sleeping she goes like this...BOOP.  Hoomans are so funny!  Anyway here I am and I'm here to tell you about a magic man called Jim. He came for a few weeks to... Continue Reading →

Pooped pooch! 

Hi everyone! 👋🏼  ​ I've just been having a nap because I've had the busiest couple of days ever!!!  First of all yesterday it was Mommie's friend Lisa's birthday, so we went to go and visit her and my two friends that are called Tan and Alfie, here's me and Alfie! (Tan doesn't really like... Continue Reading →

Dougie double! 

Hello everyone!   Today I wanted to tell you about a new friend I have but I can't meet him because he lives all the way over the ocean in Long Island which is in AMERICA!  His name is Dougie and he is also a POOCHON! Can you believe it? Another one of me! I... Continue Reading →

Brush your teeth!

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about keeping my teeth clean. When I was a little baby I stole my Mommies toothbrush and so she let me keep it, she was pretty mad actually I don't see why...I was just borrowing it; There I am all fluffy and new! The thing is...I love to... Continue Reading →

Late summer sun…

This afternoon turned out to be pretty sunny despite the rain last night so me and Mommy decided to go for a walk. We went towards the Malvern Hills and ended up at a place called Castle Morton where there used to be a quarry.   You can't go down to the quarry anymore but... Continue Reading →

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