Pooped pooch! 

Hi everyone! 👋🏼 

I’ve just been having a nap because I’ve had the busiest couple of days ever!!! 

First of all yesterday it was Mommie’s friend Lisa’s birthday, so we went to go and visit her and my two friends that are called Tan and Alfie, here’s me and Alfie! (Tan doesn’t really like me, she thinks I’m annoying);

So after this we came home and it was a really nice day. So my Auntie Alice came round to see us and we decided to go on my most favourite walk. Here’s my Aunt Alice;

She’s bad at taking selfies and sometimes she makes me take 100 in a row! 

We live in a really nice place called Bidford-on-Avon which in Warwickshire which is in the U.K. (I think a lot of my followers are from far away!) Bidford has a nice bridge over the river which has boats and swans which had babies in the spring! It has a nice pub where my Mommy sometimes has to rest at when we’ve been on a long walk, then there’s another pub too. Sometimes we have to go there too! But I don’t mind because I am allowed in all of them! Over the bridge there is a park on one side where I can run around and meet friends. Some of the dogs swim in the river but not me, I don’t like water! Here’s me on the bridge with Mom;

I love going over the bridge because it means we are going somewhere exciting! If you like you can park for free on the other side of the bridge and walk over. When it’s nice you can park in the park and have a barbecue or a picnic, there’s even an outdoor gym! But Mommy says she prefers the pub. We walk from our house because it’s very close. Here is what it looks like from the Bridge;

Yesterday with Auntie Alice we walked across the fields towards a place called Barton. Guess what it has there? A pub! The pub is called the Cottage of Content and it is about a 20 minute walk from Bidford, over some nice fields where it’s safe for me to go off the lead. At the Cottage of Content I am allowed inside and there is always water for me to drink! Even the nice people behind the bar say hello to me. Here’s me at the Cottage of Content; 

I don’t look very content…but I am I promise! There is a forest near by that some walking friends have told us about but we haven’t been there yet so when we do I will let you know! Here’s me and Mommy on the way home;

I had a great day and I’m still tired from it now! Thank you for taking some pictures for my blog Auntie Alice! I’ve been out with my friends today and the dog walker Jim! I’ll tell you all about that next time! 

Dougie 🐾🐾

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