Brush your teeth!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to tell you about keeping my teeth clean. When I was a little baby I stole my Mommies toothbrush and so she let me keep it, she was pretty mad actually I don’t see why…I was just borrowing it;

i phone 5 pictures 450

There I am all fluffy and new!

The thing is…I love to chew anything like that, toothbrushes, sticks, pens but not the chewy things that Mommy gives me that are meant to be good for my teeth…Dentasticks! I would sometimes eat them after a while or just chew on them but I wasn’t very interested at all!

Then I visited the vets when I was a whole ONE YEAR OLD. She said that we should take care of my little teeth as I am half a poodle you see and sometimes they get very bad teeth. So Mommy got a special toothbrush and some toothpaste like this;


BUT…I wasn’t going to make it that easy for my Mommy, oh no! I didn’t like that AT ALL! Putting a funny thing in my mouth and brushing it around, no thank you! I just wanted to chew up the toothbrush really. So…Mommy kept at it for a little while and eventually I came round to it after a few tries, being very gentle OH AND…some doggy choccy drops (my favourite!).

So once Mommy had mastered brushing my teeth I decided, I think I might try those Dentasticks now…so I did…and I like them now…and I have one every single day.

Paws out…

Douglas X

3 thoughts on “Brush your teeth!

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      1. My guy is 10 years. I have to take him in for dental cleaning. They will have to sedate him. over 1,000. But he will be happier with clean teeth. They are not bad, but do need cleaning.🙂


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