‘You can call me Doug’

Hello everyone! My name is Dougie. Douglas when I am being naughty, but you can call me Doug if you like. I am a whole two years and four months old now so Mommy decided that I was allowed to have a doggie bloggie to go along with my Dogstagram page, the link is on my homepage! Go check it out, I do some pretty cool things and I always share them with my followers.

First of all I want to tell you all about my Mommy who I live with and keep company, here we are on the day that my Mommy chose me to come home with her;

i phone 5 pictures 328

Me and Mommy live in England in the countryside, I think the place is called Warwickshire. All I know is that there are lots of great places to walk and run and play with some friends that I meet along the way. Mommy owns a business so I get to go to my Nanny and John’s (he doesn’t want to be called Grandad) in the day time and on the weekends me and Mommy get to go ADVENTURING!

Last week me and Mommy, my auntie Alice and my friend Kate went to a place nearby called Broadway tower. It was a great day! This is where Broadway tower is;




We parked up by the tower but Mommy says we should have parked in Broadway because the tower is on a very very steep and very very long hill. You can park in the car park by the tower for a small charge. Unfortunatly doggies aren’t allowed inside the tower and I don’t really like heights anyway but all you humans are allowed in for about £5.00. There is a café and also you can buy yummy yummy ice creams too!

We decided to walk down the hill and into Broadway because my mummy and friends like to drink cocktails in the sun! We walked down the hill which is clearly signposted and the fields are enclosed so I was able to have a little run around. But be aware…some of the fields have sheep in them so you will need a lead. Once you get the bottom of the hill all you have to do is turn left at the road and you’ll find yourself in Broadway’s High Street. We went to the Swan pub where the girlies had a cocktail each and I had some water. I met a Westie friend and we had some kisses!. There are lots of lovely shops in Broadway to look around and get this…most are COMPLETELY DOG FRIENDLY But here is why you should start at the bottom…you have to walk back UP THE HILL after the cocktails! Phew! we were so exhausted when we got back up to the tower that we simply HAD to have an ice-cream. Don’t tell the doggie police but Mommy let me have some of hers! YUM YUM YUM. If you want to get the hill climb over to begin with, there are lots of places to park in Broadway and you can start your walk from there. Alternatively, you don’t have to walk up and down the hill at all…there are walks around the tower that aren’t so hilly and you can still enjoy the ice cream afterwards!


Here is my selfie after we had ice-creams and a well deserved sit down! I need to work on my selfie skills for next time.

Everyone should get to Broadway tower for a lovely dog friendly day out (before it gets too cold!)

Next week I am off to Raglan Castle in Wales and keep an eye out for my blog post about the dog friendly camping trip that me, mommy and our friend Steve went on last month.

Dougie x

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  1. What fun! And remember Broadway well from my days of living in England. Anyway, called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Give Douglas a cuddle from Jeannie and me and numerous doggie sniffs from our family here in Oregon!

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