Boop….and adventures 

My hooman is called Mommy and she does this strange thing with my nose. Every so often when I am lying down or sleeping she goes like this…BOOP. 

Hoomans are so funny! 

Anyway here I am and I’m here to tell you about a magic man called Jim. He came for a few weeks to help Mommy with walking me. He came in a big blue van and gave me some fuss before we got in the van and picked up some of my friends. Then we all went walking for miles and miles!!! 

Mommy said he is a dog walker and he gets to play and walk all day long! She also said that when he has picked me up and dropped me off he lets her know that I am safe. Then at the end of the day he sends her a map of where we have been so that she knows I have been well exercised, but she can probably tell by my yawning! 

Me and my friends have so much fun with Jim and if you live near Pershore/Broadway and need a dog walker then you should get in touch! 

Apparently Jim’s daughter is my biggest a big Dougie HELLO to you! 🐾 Oh there’s another thing too…he sent some pictures of my adventures and look how great they are;

Dougie 🐾🐾

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