Hi everyone!

I am Dougie or Douglas or Doug. But don’t call me Douglas because I will think I am in trouble! (which I usually am).

I am a POOCHON! or a BICHPOO! Mommy thinks the first one sounds better…

Anyway I am half a miniature poodle and my other half is a bichon frise! But I don’t speak French. I am two years and four months old. Mommy would say I was naughty but I just think I am funny. I do what Mommy says but sometimes I just want to do something else instead!

Things that I love are;

  • walkies
  • doggy choccy drops
  • pens
  • my teddy Eyeore
  • my mommy!
  • my daddy!
  • my sister Feebee
  • anyone that will give me attention or look at me or pet me or play with me

Me and my Mommy go on lots of adventures together so I am going to tell you all about them here!

Paws out!

Dougie X

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